Permanent Lip Color Makeup

Beautiful sensual lips are created by adding natural color where needed, achieving instant fullness and definition.

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What is Permanent Lip Makeup?

Permanent lip color is a breakthrough procedure that is especially ideal for clients with thin lips, discoloration of lips, wrinkles around the mouth or asymmetry in their lips. Permanent lip color gives clients enhances fullness, symmetry and definition of the lips through application of a customized lip pigment. Best of all, permanent lip color eliminates the need for daily application of lipstick. For clients, this means no more bleeding lipstick, no wiping lipstick off the teeth, no smudging or reapplication even after eating, kissing, sleeping or swimming!

Pigment is first applied to the vermillion border (or the outside edge of the lips where they meet the skin of the face), and automatically, lips will appear larger and fuller than they are naturally. Then, pigment will be applied to the interior of the lips. Permanent lip color is different from permanent lip liner. With permanent lip color, the lip will be lined but also shaded within. Thus, the entire lip will be treated with the pigment to give it a different shade. The results of permanent lip color yield natural looking, luscious lips without the daily bother of lipstick and lip-liner application!

Before Treatment

Discontinue Vitamin E, Fish Oil supplements within 72 hours of the appointment. Alcohol consumption should cease 24 hours before appointment. Do not take any ibuprofen or aspirin within 24 hours of your appointment.

If you’ve ever had fever blister, cold sores, chicken pox, you will need a prescription for anti-viral medication for before and after the lip color procedure, every time you have an appointment for lip color or touch up. This will prevent the outbreak of cold sores. Thus, you must contact your physician in order to receive a prescription for this medication (Famvir, Valtrex or Zovirax). Usually, if clients have an outbreak it will occur about the third day after the treatment.

During Treatment

When you arrive for your appointment, Lana will work with you to choose the color and look you desire. When the color has been chosen, Lana will take a picture of your lips before treatment. Next, Lana will apply a topical numbing cream to the lips. The numbing cream will take about 15-20 minutes to take effect.

Once the numbing cream has taken effect, Lana will begin to inset the pigment into the lips for the desired color. Unlike other permanent makeup, permanent lips involve a muscle. To ensure your comfort, Lana will reapply a numbing cream that permeates into the lips to effectively numb the area from the inside. Lana will work meticulously to perfect the look you seek.

After the process of permanent lip color is complete, Lana will review aftercare with you. The entire appointment can take between 1-2 hours.

In addition, Lana will schedule a perfecting appointment about 4-6 weeks out. This time will allow your lips to heal and the pigment to settle into the lips. Lana will assess how the pigment has settled, and can make changes to shape and color at this appointment as needed.

After Treatment

Aftercare for permanent lip color is vital to ensure that the pigment is correctly retained. Because lips are muscles, the aftercare is more acute than aftercare for other types of permanent makeup.

When your lips are healing, it is important not to touch, lick or pick at them during this process. While your lips may feel dry, it is important to avoid contact with them. Picking at the skin will remove the pigment and prolong the healing period. For the first few days after treatment, drink out of a straw.

During the initial 2 weeks after treatment, your lips will be healing. It is important to avoid all contact with them. You should avoid all types of friction: no blotting, no wiping with napkins and no kissing. Smoking should be avoided during the first 2 weeks of healing. Be sure your lips are constantly moisturized; apply and re-apply balms and lubricants often. Petroleum balms are great choice for this. Before brushing your teeth, you will need to apply an ointment. This ointment will serve as a buffer between the harsh toothpaste and your healing lips. Avoid bleaching or whitening your teeth during this time. During this time, you should avoid certain foods and drinks, including: citrus foods and fruits; citrus juices, spicy foods, oily foods and salty foods.

It is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight for approximately 6 weeks after treatment. Sunlight causes pigment to prematurely fade. After the 6 week period of avoiding direct sunlight, you should always apply SPF to your lips when in sunlight to ensure longevity of pigment. This is an easy step since many lip balms have SPF in them.

At your perfecting appointment, 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment, Lana will evaluate the color and shape of your lips. She will be able to make minor changes to color and shape as desired.

It is important to note that lips are vascular, and the skin sheds more frequently than other skin on the face. Thus, touch ups for permanent lip color may be needed more frequently as compared to other types of permanent makeup.

Lana is wonderful. Had permanent makeup correction done. Lana stayed after hours to fix the mess someone else made. It came out great!

– Elena Braginski

Will permanent lip makeup work well for me?

If you have had lip filler or lip injections, permanent lip color is not recommended. It is recommended that lips are treated with permanent lip color prior to lip injections or fillers.

In addition, permanent lip color is not recommended for individuals with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes or individuals who heal slowly or are prone to infection. Individuals with Thyroid Disease or Graves Disease may be on medications that interfere with pigment retention.

Finally, permanent makeup of any kind, including permanent lip color, is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Our Pricing

The price for permanent lip makeup is $600.


There is a $25 dollar deposit for permanent makeup consultations. This deposit goes towards the treatment costs. Colors are customized to match what you desire.

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